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My husband used to call this red merle Australian shepherd pup "Brenda" after one of my best friends. He said, "Brenda is so pretty that it's like looking at her through an old-time camera covered in gauze for one of those glamour shots." It was true; and Niki, as she is now called, had that same ever-so-delicate mix of white and beige that seemed forever out of focus.

There is nothing so charming and vulnerable as catching a pup asleep and comfortable in her innocent dreams. Niki had been playing with her brothers and sisters, doing what puppies do best---ripping up plants, digging trenches of holes while searching for underground noises, and chasing each other around the yard. Exhausted, she finally fell sound asleep, and nothing could awaken her. I loved the way she looked--almost as if she were smiling with the remembrance of the day's adventures!
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