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We had recently lost a rescued Chihuahua that had become a friend to our own Chi Monty. Handsen, named after the dam where he was found, was old and near death when we discovered him. So when he lived another five years we imagined him ancient when he left us. Monty, now morose and withdrawn needed an new friend. On a suggestion, we made our way to a Chihuahua breeder way out in the desert. This little gal was in a cage, meant for a rabbit, with two other siblings. We dutifully took them all out and played with each one and knew that socialization had been minimal. As they all squirmed , shaked and shivered from our contact, this one would not stop wagging her tail and trying to kiss our face. Her tail was going so fast you had a hard time seeing it. She picked us and begged us to take her. When we got home she ran, on wobbly legs, to explore her new surroundings and every few seconds would run to hide behind my husband or myself looking out at her new world with curiosity and wonder. Running out from safety again and again to see it all with more time alone, gaining confidence in her new surroundings. She has not stopped since.
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